Saturday, 12 April 2014

CommidoreIsawesome So dont be a idiot!

Some silly moron started spamming a couple of my blogs that I host here on blogger and available on my google profile  with comments ordering me to remove one of my blogs because it violates copyright and a patent over the use of my blog name... commodoreisawesome just because there stupid personal blog which holds no copyright or "patent" you cannot hold a patent over a name or a copyright its a trademark that you need to hold for a name..... so they go that wrong!! and they dont have a do not have trademark for commidoreisawsome anyway just being an idiot probably because my blog is ranking above theirs in Google or something...... they started blabbing on in the comments that I should take down the blog immediately otherwise I will be facing legal action... what for a name... whats not infringing anything or hurting their website in any shape or form... it will cost them more to take me to court than they would get out of removing my blog anyway...... I may have added something in the sidebar for them to direct people to their site if people got confused and wanted their site and not mine if they asked nicely because even though there is no legal requirement for me to do that I am just a nice kind of guy anyway but no they were just rude and demanding.. so naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Also I wonder what planet people are on to start fights with random people on the internet..... with all talk of negative seo and all other possible ways to destroy other websites rankings in search engines and such (even though I personally would do that other more unfriendly people might) shouldn't people be more weary and not pick fights when fights arent even needed?

Friday, 20 December 2013

Negative seo

Spammers are using spam tools to create tons of links to sites to get them penalized in the search engines.
Negative seo really does work as I have seen countless numbers of even apparently big large brand being totally wiped of the search engines map by seo's doing negative seo towards a website. Negative seo is effective unfortunately on any website as it is al about tipping the ratio between spam:natural links so that most of the percentage of links are spam links with highly targeted keyword anchor. Sometime negative seo's will target a page that is in-front of them or if the spammer is clever they will realize that you can just spam the homepage and thus the entire domain and all of its pages will become penalized. So negative seo even go as for as to manipulate url structure to create duplicate content within the website itself setting off panda penalties and just penguin penalties for unnatural links this is usually accomplished through ? variables and other means to create unlimited duplicate pages over and over again which can in excess be against the googles and other search engine guidelines. Some people who do negative seo may even buy really low quality hacked/hidden website links to point to their victim sites which are even more effective than link blast done through software as google and other search engines really do hate these types of links.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Creativity doesnt have to mean being the best

Creativity and inspiration is something everyone can potentially have yet in this capitalist world we live in people will try to break others ambitions and make out that others are lesser beings. The elite have the self righteous and disgusting attitude that everyone that does not hold the same or higher social status of them are not worthy, lazy and good for nothings that do not deserve life. Life is now a competition to be the best and these elite think being the best automatically gives them the right to call themselves creative. Yet creativity is driven by inspiration and not from this superficial delusion that simply being rich, famous or RIGHT mean that you are creative.

Nobody has told us the meaning of life we have just assumed it as a competition or rather that has become of civilization... survival of the fittest truly isnt this just a apathetic meaning though?

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

What makes a good peice of art?

Does a good design just have to be aesthetically pleasing? or is there more to it than that? And who is the one that decides whether something looks good or not.. isn't it meant to be in the eye of the beholder after all. I know many superficial artist that are making loads of money because there art is considered good by the majority of people and show cases a lot of talent but that doesn't really mean that it is a good piece of art.. what about the rest of the people who disagree with the majority of people.. yes this maybe a little confusing but to me aesthetic appearance in art is only half of the story as it is the meaning that is being conveyed that is really most important. I guess though that is the same if something means a lot to the artist and it does not mean much to the rest of the world then that meaning behind the art artist will never be considered any good even though it may convey a deep emotion of the artist. Times change and opinions change what is good a couple years ago may go out of fashion for the majority of people later on. So I dont think you can scale how good a piece of art or design is on what people think of it.

Gonna make money with this blog

I really need money so my hope are to make this blog make it for me. I have heard loads of stories of successful blogger and website people making tons of dough online. I really need to make money and the only way I can think of is to make a website or a shop online and sell stuff online or get revenue from advert of a blog or something as these are the only realistic ways I can think of to make money as I dont see many jobs going at all and many of them need experience which is really impossible to get if you are young and never given the opportunity to work. So my plan is simple and that Is I will make this blog the best it can be and get tons of subscribers and generate loads of adsense money form my visitors along the way and get rich... wait I think it might actually be a lot harder than that. Firstly I will need to get visitors. I guess to get visitors you need to be heard of and shared and talked about on social networks so I will have to really advertise lots of them... secondly the biggest way people find websites online is by searching for them so what I will do is do some research on seo.. or I could get one of my friends to do it for me who works for a seo company in Sheffield... He is always banging on about seo and backlinks whatever the heck they are... but according to them the more backlinks the merrier and higher you will rank in the search engines.... Well hopefully I will be getting some good traffic to this blog in the future (hopefully the new year) and can finally stop being so poor. I read some where which said that the most successful blogs are niche blogs written by epopel who are passionate about what they are writing about... hmmm I guess I will just have to find my niche as I write.. the blog will develop over time I guess.

Cannot make up my mind on the design

Settling with a good blog design is so hard. I am a bit stuck at the moment on what design to give this blog as I am always changing it because with each design I choose to give this blog I always hate it a couple minutes later and change the design for another one... It is quite frustrating how I can never seem to be happy. I guess really I just want my blog to be the best ever but perfection is not easily achieved. I am not even going to start on the logo before I have finally settled with a design because it is the logo which will really define my blog and that will be even more of a struggle for me to create the perfect logo... Oh dear anyone got any suggestions because I really cannot make up my mind at the moment.