Saturday, 12 April 2014

CommidoreIsawesome So dont be a idiot!

Some silly moron started spamming a couple of my blogs that I host here on blogger and available on my google profile  with comments ordering me to remove one of my blogs because it violates copyright and a patent over the use of my blog name... commodoreisawesome just because there stupid personal blog which holds no copyright or "patent" you cannot hold a patent over a name or a copyright its a trademark that you need to hold for a name..... so they go that wrong!! and they dont have a do not have trademark for commidoreisawsome anyway just being an idiot probably because my blog is ranking above theirs in Google or something...... they started blabbing on in the comments that I should take down the blog immediately otherwise I will be facing legal action... what for a name... whats not infringing anything or hurting their website in any shape or form... it will cost them more to take me to court than they would get out of removing my blog anyway...... I may have added something in the sidebar for them to direct people to their site if people got confused and wanted their site and not mine if they asked nicely because even though there is no legal requirement for me to do that I am just a nice kind of guy anyway but no they were just rude and demanding.. so naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Also I wonder what planet people are on to start fights with random people on the internet..... with all talk of negative seo and all other possible ways to destroy other websites rankings in search engines and such (even though I personally would do that other more unfriendly people might) shouldn't people be more weary and not pick fights when fights arent even needed?


  1. Your a big fraud who copies peoples websites for your own benefit, this is my website and you have seemed to have taken my design as well as the design on my other websites too! No wonder the commodoreisawesome guys are pissed at you, really can you not think for yourself? Really sad man.

  2. I just noticed the comment above---- hahah... some one obviously has no life to make a whole bunch of pathetic websites...... goodness knows what their intent is... saddo!