Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Gonna make money with this blog

I really need money so my hope are to make this blog make it for me. I have heard loads of stories of successful blogger and website people making tons of dough online. I really need to make money and the only way I can think of is to make a website or a shop online and sell stuff online or get revenue from advert of a blog or something as these are the only realistic ways I can think of to make money as I dont see many jobs going at all and many of them need experience which is really impossible to get if you are young and never given the opportunity to work. So my plan is simple and that Is I will make this blog the best it can be and get tons of subscribers and generate loads of adsense money form my visitors along the way and get rich... wait I think it might actually be a lot harder than that. Firstly I will need to get visitors. I guess to get visitors you need to be heard of and shared and talked about on social networks so I will have to really advertise lots of them... secondly the biggest way people find websites online is by searching for them so what I will do is do some research on seo.. or I could get one of my friends to do it for me who works for a seo company in Sheffield... He is always banging on about seo and backlinks whatever the heck they are... but according to them the more backlinks the merrier and higher you will rank in the search engines.... Well hopefully I will be getting some good traffic to this blog in the future (hopefully the new year) and can finally stop being so poor. I read some where which said that the most successful blogs are niche blogs written by epopel who are passionate about what they are writing about... hmmm I guess I will just have to find my niche as I write.. the blog will develop over time I guess.


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