Friday, 20 December 2013

Negative seo

Spammers are using spam tools to create tons of links to sites to get them penalized in the search engines.
Negative seo really does work as I have seen countless numbers of even apparently big large brand being totally wiped of the search engines map by seo's doing negative seo towards a website. Negative seo is effective unfortunately on any website as it is al about tipping the ratio between spam:natural links so that most of the percentage of links are spam links with highly targeted keyword anchor. Sometime negative seo's will target a page that is in-front of them or if the spammer is clever they will realize that you can just spam the homepage and thus the entire domain and all of its pages will become penalized. So negative seo even go as for as to manipulate url structure to create duplicate content within the website itself setting off panda penalties and just penguin penalties for unnatural links this is usually accomplished through ? variables and other means to create unlimited duplicate pages over and over again which can in excess be against the googles and other search engine guidelines. Some people who do negative seo may even buy really low quality hacked/hidden website links to point to their victim sites which are even more effective than link blast done through software as google and other search engines really do hate these types of links.


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